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Workshops 2019:


Prague: 27th of November - 1st of December, in CZECH (FULL)

Prague: 28th of February - 3rd of March 2020, in CZECH (FULL)

Prague: 4th of March - 8th of March 2020, in CZECH (places available)

London: 6th-9th of April 2020, in ENGLISH (places available)


London: 25th-27th of October, in ENGLISH (FULL)

Istanbul: 5th-9th August, in ENGLISH (1 spot left)

Warsaw: 10th-14th July, in ENGLISH (1 spot left)

Prague: 25th-29th May, in CZECH, (FULL)

Prague: 8th-12th May, in ENGLISH with accommodation (FULL)

Prague: 14th - 18th April, in ENGLISH with accommodation (1 spot left)

Prague: 27th - 31th March, in CZECH (FULL)

Prague: 6th - 10th March, in ENGLISH with accommodation (FULL)

Tokyo: 21st - 26th January, in ENGLISH (1 spot left)


My workshops are a combination of shooting on the street, selecting and processing photos, and teaching the theoretical background to photography and paintings. Each day, you spend about 4-6 hours shooting on the street while I spend time with individual participants and the group as a whole. The rest of the day, I go through your work and discuss different aspects of your photos. I will help you select the best shots, and teach you how to process them. I will also show a few presentations on different aspects of photography, and discuss the importance of paintings in developing as photographers. The whole workshop is an immersive experience that will challenge the way you look at the world around you and give you the tools to visually and emotionally process it in a way that’s attuned to your personality. 

"Thank you very much for the wonderful workshop.  I enjoyed it a lot, and I learned so much! In addition to all the important advice on photography, you made us think a lot and gave some very interesting lessons. Not for us to just be better photographers, but also to be better in life. Thank you so much for all of that!"


You will have plenty of opportunities to observe the way I work, and I will not hold back any information from you. I will not teach you any special tricks to take a great street photograph every week - no photographer can do that - but I will teach you how to withstand the grind of having to spend a lot of time shooting, and how to become your own best teacher in the process.

I will explain how emotion is connected to colours, shapes, and subject matter. Most emphasis will be on light and its quality. The word “photography” means “painting with light”, and that is what we will concentrate on most of all.

We will also focus on the principles of street photography, and discuss the way cities are changing and how it can be reflected in the photographs. Understanding and analysing your environment is one of the most crucial aspects of street photography. The purpose of the workshop is not to teach you how to press the shutter until something happens, but to teach how to understand where you are, how you feel in that space, and what you would like to say about it.

At a time when images can be easily processed to “perfection”, what really distinguishes a photographer is his or her personal vision. I will spend time with you discussing your personal motivation, interests and inspiration. The whole crux of the workshop is to help you find your own visual language. At the end of the workshop, we discuss what you learnt and what are the next steps in your future projects and development so that you can progress in the way you want to. 


There are no conditions and rules on what you should be shooting during the workshop. However, while we are on the street, you are expected to engage and experiment with what you will have learnt from our discussions.

Each participant is responsible for their accommodation. I will let you know where I will be based, so we can all aim to stay in the same area. I will create a group on Instagram about a month ahead of the workshop so that you can get in touch with the other participants and ask any questions you might have before the workshop.

We start on the morning of the workshop and finish in the evening of the last day. I recommend you arrive at least a day before the start.


You are not a photography gear fanatic and do not desire to spend a workshop learning about photoshop techniques. Instead, you want to learn how to look and see a world beyond banality and clichés. You feel like much of photography nowadays is a variation of what you have already seen and desire to discover something new and personal. 

You have a genuine interest in the visual arts and want to broaden your understanding. You are ready to be challenged. You accept the fact that street photography is hard work you are ready to put in the effort. Interestingly, some of the best street photographers in the world claim to only take 3-5 good images a year while shooting most days of the year. You also want to learn how to be critical towards your photos and realise self-awareness is the best way to get better at photography.

You expect to learn how to process and refine your images, ideally using Lightroom or Capture One, and want to understand how to create a body of work that holds together and expresses strong emotions.

You are fit and can handle walking for 4-6 hours for a few consecutive days.

You have a laptop, a camera (or a phone) you want to shoot with, and plenty of harddrive space to store your photographs. 

You realise the workshop will not include staged photography with artificial lights and models. I am happy to explain how to shoot portraits, but it will always be in natural light.


The workshop fees do not include flights, accommodation, visas or other travel costs.

You can either pay via a bank transfer, or through Paypal. All information will be send to you once 

You can split your payment in two, or send the whole fee at once. You will be expected to make your payment two months in advance. In case you are splitting the payment in two, the second payment should be done a month in advance at the latest. 

The fees are refundable more than 45 days before the beginning of the workshop. The fee is 50% refundable a month before the workshop starts and becomes nonrefundable less than a month before the workshop.

I recommend you buy refundable airplane tickets. I am not responsible for reimbursements apart from the workshop fee.

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