david gaberle


You Are Not Alone is a solutions-focused journalistic project concerned with the high suicide rates of men in the Czech Republic. In all countries in the world except for China, men commit suicide more often than women. As a region, post-Soviet countries not only have the highest suicide rates in the world, but also have the largest disparity in the suicide rates of men and women. In the Czech Republic, men kill themselves 4 times as often. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding the discussion of mental health among men. In fact, men participate in psychiatric or psychological care three times less often than women. The purpose of this project, which ran through a major Czech news website and was accompanied by four articles focused on the possible ways to lower the number of suicides among men, was to stir discussion of mental health among men and contribute to creating a safe space where men feel more comfortable in discussing their emotions and vulnerabilities. Here are eight portraits of men who attempted suicide, coupled with their quotes about the experience. 

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