david gaberle



10 years ago, I realised that carrying a camera around really eases the experience of the sensory overload that comes with living in a big city. The camera became a therapeutic tool. Paradoxically, it gives me the illusion that I'm in control of what I'm doing while at the same time making me realise that things are continually shifting and changing. 

I'd like to think that the experience of taking photos helps me grow over time. Especially in street-photography, getting a good shot requires patience. In my personal life, I often have too clear an idea of what I want and how I should get there (frustratingly, I hardly ever do). Shooting out on the streets is a pleasant antithesis to that as it requires an openness to experience and a willingness to let go of a whole lot of preconceived ideas. In that way, it's a balancing act to my life outside of photography. 

All photographs copyright David Gaberle 2017

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