david gaberle



In 2012, I realised that carrying a camera around really eases the experience of the sensory overload that comes with living in a big city. The camera became a therapeutic tool.                                                                              

I'd like to think that the experience of taking photos helps me grow over time. Especially in street-photography, getting a good shot requires patience. In my personal life, I often have too clear an idea of what I want and how I should get there (frustratingly, I hardly ever do). Shooting out on the streets is a pleasant antithesis to that as it requires an openness to experience and a willingness to let go of a whole lot of preconceived ideas. In that way, it's a balancing act to my life outside of photography. 

All photographs copyright David Gaberle 2017



2016 - Japan - 100 Fujifilm X-Photographers (Tokyo, Fujifilm Headquarters)

2017 - Czech Republic - Et Cetera: Fotografie (Prague, Galerie 1)

2017 - Romania - Bucharest Photoweek Festival (Bucharest, Galerie ANAV)

2019 - Czech Republic - Fujifilm X-Photographers (Prague, Mánes Gallery)

2018 - Poland - Radek Kalhous & David Gaberle, Winter Swimmers & Metropolight (Wroclaw, Galerie Photo-Gen)


2018 - Czech Republic - Na Prahu (Prague, Centre for Architecture and Urban Planning CAMP)

2018 - Czech Republic - Maskulit (Prague, Leica Gallery Café)

2019 - Czech Republic - Metropolight (Prague, Kasárna Karlín)

2021/22 - Great Britain - Looking for Prague  (London, Czech Centre in London)

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