david gaberle



The camera is an amazing tool for relaxing the mind and opening our eyes. It helps make use of our creativity. It allows us to explore the world and the way we see it. In my workshops, I teach how  to see in new ways and either help you start with your own photography practice or further help you develop your ways of seeing in case you’re already a seasoned photographer. 

Half of the workshop is dedicated to understanding the psychology of seeing and the effects that light in cities and nature has on how we feel. This type of awareness is more important than any photography rules or technological skills.  WIth the help of a variety of materials, ranging from books, music, videos, stories and playing with coloured paper, we explore the effects that shapes, colours, layers, texture, movement and visual rhythm have on our emotions. 

The second half of the workshop is dedicated to going outside and shooting. Walking and photographing is a great opportunity to create photos that mirror who we are. It is also the most effective practice for developing our understanding of light and photography in general. Sometimes we take pictures as a group, other times you will be encouraged to shoot by yourself to get into your own zone. 

Photographers often get quickly discouraged by being too critical towards their own work, lacking patience with themselves or having demands and expectations that are difficult to fulfil to begin with. I will help you develop a mindset that will give you more joy and excitement from just photographing for the pleasure of the process. 

Throughout the workshop, each participant receives individual feedback for their photos. I will post-process your and my photographs to show how I work. You will learn how to create photographic series and build a stronger body of work. 

The workshop is structured to encourage thinking of photography as something that is closely tied to your  life. In this way, it becomes much easier to practice photography regularly while keeping it fun. 


Date: 17th to 21th of May 2023

Number of participants: 5

Price: 480€ (without accommodation)

              580€  (with accommodation)

Location: Prague. Kobylisy

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