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Outside of the studio, training our eyes to the nuances of light is a perfect way to relax the mind and open our eyes. The camera is an amazing tool for that, plus it helps make use of our creativity at the same time. It allows us to explore the world and the way we see it. It also helps us feel connected to the world around us. In my workshops, I teach how  to see in new ways and either help you start with your own photography practice or further help you develop your perception in case you’re already a seasoned photographer. 

Before becoming a photographer, it is important to become aware of how we look at the world and the way it affects us. For this reason, half of the workshop is dedicated to understanding the psychology of seeing and the effects that light in cities and nature has on how we feel. This type of awareness is more important than any photography rules or technological skills.  WIth the help of a variety of materials, ranging from books, music, videos, stories and playing with coloured paper, we explore the effects that shapes, colours, layers, texture, movement and visual rhythm have on our feelings. 

Not only is walking outside and photographing with spontaneity a great mirror for who we are, but I also consider it the most effective practice for developing our understanding of light and photography in general. So the second half of the workshop is dedicated to going outside and shooting. Sometimes we take pictures as a group, other times I accompany each participant separately. There is also time for taking photos on your own so you can get into your zone. 

A regular photography practice is an easy way to get better quickly. But it also requires discipline to keep going out and taking photos. Many people get quickly discouraged by being too critical towards their own work, lacking patience with themselves or having demands and expectations that are difficult to fulfil to begin with. I will help you with not getting discouraged and creating a habit of photography that leads to a quick improvement. 

Throughout the workshop, each participant receives individual feedback to their photos and I will look at and help process everyone’s photos. I will also show how I work while processing my photographs and how you can create sequences of images for a stronger body of work. The workshop is structured so that it is dynamic, engaging and playful. It will help you think of photography as something that is closely tied to your own life. In this way, it becomes easier to practice photography regularly while keeping it fun. This workshop will be a good fit for you if you are looking for a way to get better at taking photos, expand your vision and make shooting feel effortless. 


Date: 26th to 30th of October 2022

Number of participants: 5

Price: 480 Euros with accommodation

Location: Prague

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